Mental Health First Aid Courses

Approximately 20% of Australian adults experience a common mental illness each year. Completing a Mental Health First Aid Course will help you to develop the skills to support a friend, family member or co-worker.

Having mental health first aid skills means that you can assist someone developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis and make a real difference to your community.

Mental Health First Aid Courses are based on evidence of what is best practice mental health first aid to support someone who has a mental health problem or is experiencing a mental health crisis. This evidence has been developed in partnership with the University of Melbourne, through developing guidelines that cover a number of mental health problems, crises and in different contexts. Once developed, courses are evaluated to assess the outcomes.


12-hour course for adults assisting other adults.


14-hour course for adults assisting young people.

Suicidal Person

Half-day course for adults assisting someone experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

Half-day course for adults assisting someone engaging in self-injury.

Why Complete a Mental Health First Aid Course?

Meet our Instructor, Pam!

Pam is a mental health practitioner with over thirty years of experience in mental health nursing and counselling in both the UK and Australia. Although she has worked in all fields of mental health, her passion is mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention.

Pam has experience of a range of approaches and theories relating to evidence-based therapeutic interventions, with qualifications in cognitive behavioural therapy, humanistic and psychodynamic counselling, solution-focused therapy, stress management, meditation, mindfulness, EFT (tapping) and is an InRhythm© accredited drum circle and body percussion facilitator and registered Relax Kids Coach©

Pam completed the first year of her Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) before her migration to Australia in 2010 and has completed her Certificate IV in Training & Assessment – TAE40116 . She loves sharing her knowledge and experience, empowering others and brings a sense of fun and creativity to her training.

Pam is an accredited Mental Health First Aid instructor with Mental Health First Aid Australia.

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