Life-saving Defibrillators for Gibbs Truck & Trailer Parts

A Gold Coast company has taken staff and visitor safety to new heights by installing eight new automated defibrillators (AED’s) at its workshops and offices around Queensland. Staff at Gibbs Truck and Trailer Parts who recently completed first aid training with Paradise First Aid can now respond with the skills and equipment to deal with sudden cardiac arrest which leads to 23,000 to 33,000 deaths per year in Australia.

A cardiac arrest occurs when the normal rhythm of the heart is suddenly disrupted, drastically diminishing the heart’s capability to pump blood around the body. It is vital that defibrillation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are given as soon as possible, along with calling Triple Zero (000), to provide the best chance of surviving a cardiac arrest.

Andy Panes from Paradise First Aid who handed over the eight new units to Chris Gibbs on 19th May 2014 provided the following statement, “Chris and the team at Gibbs Truck and Trailer Parts have not only taken on-board the importance of early defibrillation, they have implemented measures to provide their staff with the best possible chance of surviving cardiac arrest by completing accredited cpr training and implementing a workplace defibrillation programme. Although a significant investment, this is a gold standard workplace safety measure and I commend Chris and his team. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Gibbs Truck & Trailer Parts and hope they never find the need to use these new defibrillators”

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